Late [mpcbb56]

They Told Me…NOODZ never die

Lyla Ashby

Parallel Jalebi

They Told Me…Eat My Jalebi

Im not really the biggest Four Tet fan but this arpeggio infused little number had my head bumpin, some sweet vocal accents in the mix too. Four Tet’s new albumĀ Beautiful RewindI drops on the 15th so keep em peeled for more new music from the instrumentalist.

Ariel Rebel

monica lewinsky ep, by starcrusher

Exquiste beats from StarCrusher who brings forth lows with the depth of oceans and crunch that snap your mums dentures. Crusher banged this out on his trusty MPC 2000XL and recorded the beats to tape the collage carries all that fuzzy warmth youd expect from such a delightfull anti-digi combination. Check out ‘Griffith’ below and then go cop the album for free from DirtyBird’s Moon Is Half Records ( thats a full MPC forums link, collab and release :)

They Told Me…NOODZ Never Die

Melissa Clarke

MPCBB#43 [Mrs Cee]

KRUX - Fed Up

KRUX over a Reason beat i made about 6 years ago during one of the darker times of my life hence the title which KRUX matched with hissual steeze of impeccable rhymes and infectious hook. Whenever I hear this song it makes me want to cop a new version of reason and get Joe off his behind and back in the studio ;)

Leona C for Met-Art


NFLM told me…welcome to south coast, home of martyrs / ghosts in the city, please dont get me started

My dude NFLM over some Blue Sky Black Death goodness, I recorded and mixed the vocals. Keep an eye out for Sludge Brothers new EP (Im currently mixing the vocals) and our collaboration project ‘East of Eden’ which will hopefully be out this winter.

They told me…NOODZ never die

Sawa the Suicide Girl (via fuckyeahsawa)

The Uncluded told me…Outside any bias’ or post mortem reliance is a moment of silence that needs a poster boy for science / there will be a system that allows them to unzip your skin / cherry pickin innards from the synthesis they pickle in

The Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) employ some insect taxidermy to echo the oddly morbid yet slighly amusing impression their music presses upon its listener. Here Aesop and Kimya express the power or organ donation with sharp acoustic wit and clarity. Check out the album for more dark memoirs from the odd couple

They told me…NOODZ never die

Janell Shirtcliff by Olivia Malone for HQ

BASECAMP - "Emmanuel"

B A S E C A M P told me…and I tried to hold back / the hundreds of things i wanted to ask and I want it so bad / yeah i want it so bad / when you say my name, when you stare / we play these games of truth and dare / I want it so bad yeah I want it so bad

Nasville production/ vocalist trio Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon, and Jordan Reyes light up the some etheral rhythms with gentle, wondering tones and themes with their debut single ‘Emmanuel’ which is available for free once you sign up to the groups FB page.